We develop your child to flourish academically.

At Foremarke School we encourage individuality whilst inspiring children to nurture their passions.

We are a British prep school, known for our academic excellence and our holistic approach to pastoral care. Our core values place the emphasis on an all-encompassing approach to education, which together with our high academic expectations, aim to shape your child into a well-rounded, fulfilled and successful individual. All the children at Foremarke have an in-built desire to learn and be taught. They are well-supported and encouraged both at school and at home. Our pupils are prepared to be risk-takers because they know that failing and trying again is an important part of the learning process.

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In the 2017 National Agenda Progress Tests

  • 86%

    86% of pupils scored
    above average in English

  • 89%

    89% of pupils scored
    above average in Mathematics

  • 90%

    90% of pupils scored
    above average in Science

  • 32

    32 champions across 8
    different sports during the
    2016 -17 academic year