With the year drawing to a close, meetings regarding transition for some of your children in key phases have been happening this week. Mrs Mousley, Head of Year 1 talked to our Reception parents about the move from the Foundation side of the school over to the Prep side and Mrs Woolley, the Deputy Head led the talk for our Year 4 parents who are transitioning into Year 5, a more independent and more mature year group requiring the use and development of a very different skills set. Reception managed however to slot in one more dress up before they move to Year 1 as Superheros – I did catch a couple of naughty Superheros running illegally down the corridor at full pelt this morning, admiring their capes billowing behind them – Miss Morris and Miss Edwards were suitably chastised by myself and Miss Sharkey. An additional reminder that move up day is on Sunday where the children will meet their new form teachers for next academic year either in person, via Skype or via a pre recorded video. I am sure they will be full of chatter at home time when they learn of their new class name for September!

Sunday 11th June8.45amPrep Assembly (3CV) – Prep Hall Lower
9.00-10.00amMoving Up Day
Thursday 15th June8.45amCurriculum PYP Discussion - Mrs. Woolley

Moving into Upper School Presentation for Year 4 Parents


Mrs. Woolley explains the transition into Upper School for our current Year 4 parents

Transition Meeting for Current Reception Parents


Mrs. Mousley presenting the transition from Reception and preparing the children to move into Prep School Year 1

Curriculum Discussion

Mrs. Woolley provided a informative discussion around the differences between the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and the UK National Curriculum this morning.  This presentation will be repeated next Thursday 15th June at 8:45am.  For parents who would like a further meeting to discuss this with Mrs. Woolley, please feel free to schedule a meeting with Prep Reception.

Dovecote Nursery

Miss. Sharkey enjoyed her visit to Dovecote Nursery this week reading stories to the children.


Reception Super Hero Day


Assembly – 5CM and 5MM

5CM and 5MM spoke of talents and displayed theirs, which included running, swimming, acting, dancing, capital cities and a magic show!