I cannot think of a nicer way to end the school week than with the children, staff and parents of Foremarke. The Iftar last night was a true community occasion and there was a real buzz about the evening. Children were allowed to stay up just a little bit later on a school night spending some extra time with their friends, having henna on their hands and photographs in the photo booth. Sheikh Mohammad Tim Humble came to speak about the significance and importance of Ramadan and answered some questions posed by the inquisitive young audience. The food and the atmosphere were truly first class and I would like to extend my warmest thanks to the generosity of the Foremarke Mums who have given up their evenings and days over the past few weeks to ensure that the event was just perfect. And it was.

Sunday 18th June8.45amPrep Assembly (4MB) – Prep Hall Lower
Fathers’ Day in Foundation Hall
Monday 19th June8.45amLeavers’ Assembly - Prep Hall Lower
Book Fair - Prep Foyer
Tuesday 20th June8.45amFOF AGM
Book Fair - Prep Foyer
Wednesday 21st JuneBook Fair - Prep Foyer
9amHouse Quiz
Thursday 22nd June9amNursery Speech Day
10amReception Speech Day
11amPrep Speech Day

Ramadan Gifts

DSC_0279 (1)

Thank you Foremarke parents for all your wonderful donations for our local workers, all Ramadan gifts were delivered by the prefects and gratefully received.

 Dubai 92 Radio visit Foremarke


Foremarke welcomes Dubai92, Catboy and Aylissa to help promote their Mugshot 2017 competition.  Thank you Mr. J Smith for organising.

Individual Violin Lessons

Anna Pym will be teaching individual violin lessons throughout the school day as a peripatetic violin teacher on Tuesdays at Foremarke. If your child will be in Year 1 or above in September, please sign them up for fun violin lessons to give children a love of making music. Please find details of Anna’s biography and payment on the school communicator or email anna.pym@hotmail.co.uk for further details. Anna Pym is playing at foundation assembly and at various prep school music lessons at the end of term to show the children what the violin is like and hopefully to inspire them to play it in September!

Assembly – 3CV

The children of 3CV reflected on many things that they learnt in Year 3.  They are very proud of all that they have achieved and now they are ready to take their next steps into Year 4.