Physical activity and healthy lifestyles


With the culmination of the 30×30 challenge last Thursday, I would like to thank Miss Yacoby for her excellent organisation over the past 30 days and all the providers who kindly gave up half an hour of their morning to encourage the participation of both parents and children in a range of different activities.

The initiative was to inspire and urge residents across Dubai to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle with a view to commencing their day with 30 minutes of exercise.  We are lucky that the children here at Foremarke were already well equipped with awareness about healthy lifestyles and the importance of exercise in their day and so the 30×30 was simply an additional opportunity for a strong, collaborative start to the day for their muscles and their brains. At Foremarke not only do we ensure that 3 hours of curriculum time per week is dedicated purely to the teaching of PE and Games but within those lessons the importance of warming up and warming down is covered, the beauty of team work and the power of the individual is explained and the significance and meaning of conduct on and off the pitch is coached in to them. At the fore is the focus on the development of skills in order for more and more of our children to be chosen to represent the school in different teams at fixtures and tournaments, to increase the level of competition at Inter house events and also to instil in all children an enjoyment in being active and in being part of a team.

As an on going effort to ensure we remain focused on the encouragement of adopting healthy lifestyles please do join us at Foremarke on the 8th and 9th of December and attend the free yoga event for parents and children in the morning of both days.