Quality Assurance

Throughout the development of Foremarke here in Dubai, we have benefitted from the genuine commitment, involvement and support of our UK alma mater. This has made the Foremarke brand overseas unique in that it constitutes a true partnership rather than a simple franchise arrangement.

As part of the commitment, regular quality assurance visits have been established. Through these visits, which broadly follow the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) format, the team is able to evaluate the effectiveness of the school in a fair, supportive and transparent manner. This allows parents to compare their school directly with Foremarke UK as well as other high quality independent schools. Like an inspection, the reports acknowledge a school’s strengths and also suggest areas for development and improvement.

This ongoing process of evaluation and improvement is essential to ensure that we are providing the very best school for your children.

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The Independent Association of Preparatory Schools (IAPS) is widely recognised as the leading association for the world’s preparatory schools. There are currently 600 member schools.

Following an accreditation visit from IAPS Foremarke was accepted as a member of IAPS. In addition, Foremarke is one of only two IAPS World Hub Schools. This is a huge accolade and recognises Foremarke’s standing as one of the two leading international prep schools in the world. Foremarke now joins Tanglin School in Singapore as one of the elite international prep schools epitomising the very best of British prep school education overseas.

This decision by IAPS was made in consideration of the high quality of the school facilities, our efficient administration, the strong school community promoted by the Friends of Foremarke, robust school policies and procedures, parent satisfaction and most importantly, the quality of teaching and learning offered at the school. The award was endorsed by a personal visit from the Chairman of IAPS.