Foremarke School aims to produce happy, well rounded, well grounded young people who possess a thirst for learning; together with the confidence and skills needed to transition successfully to the senior school of their choice and life beyond.

This is achieved through the implementation of a curriculum that is broad and balanced and which retains core values whilst embracing modern philosophies where appropriate. Pupils are encouraged to challenge themselves in all areas of school life and beyond.

Strong emphasis is placed on courtesy, manners and tolerance and pupils are encouraged to value themselves and others. Frequent assemblies, coupled with our excellent pastoral care system, help to ensure that Foremarke pupils develop an intuitive moral code.

Although academic excellence is central to the Foremarke ethos, we are equally passionate in our belief that an all round education also needs to place importance on opportunities to participate in activities outside of the classroom. Sport is an integral feature of Foremarke life. Equally important is the focus on the creative arts.

The Foremarke Code (CARE)

Like any school, Foremarke has a rewards and sanctions policy. In keeping with our partner school, Foremarke Hall, UK, we condense this into a set of agreed values – The Foremarke Care Code. These values underpin the aims and responsibilities of our school community. Through regular reinforcement of the code we aim to build confidence and to develop a sense of responsibility in every Foremarke child.

Common sense – use it!
Aim high! – Always do your best.
Respect, encourage and be honest.
Enjoy and appreciate what you have.