Be a voice and not an echo; be an originator, not an imitator; be a creator, not an impersonator. Be you.

At Foremarke we have an uncomplicated and straightforward ideal: inspiring excellence, nurturing respect. This reflects the importance we place on the development of the whole child. One of our greatest assets at Foremarke is our pastoral care and I wholeheartedly believe that if this is robust then everything else will follow.

Our core values place emphasis on a holistic approach to education, which together with our high academic expectations, aim to shape your child into a well-rounded, fulfilled and successful individual. All children at Foremarke have an in-built desire to learn and be taught. They are well-supported and encouraged both at school and at home. Our pupils are prepared to be risk-takers because they know that failing and trying again is an important part of the learning process.

In order to achieve their full potential, our pupils must equip themselves with the correct skills for accelerated progress. At Foremarke we focus closely on how children learn and our curriculum actively develops strong personal learning skills alongside traditional academic knowledge. Our focus on building the development of characteristics such as perseverance, resilience, resourcefulness and reflectiveness in children, encouraging them to think critically and learn actively helps to make Foremarke a school focused on progress, producing confident individuals and successful learners.

Whilst our website showcases aspects of life at Foremarke, I strongly urge you to visit us to ask questions and to experience for yourself this truly beautiful establishment as the first choice to educate and nurture your children in Dubai.

I look forward to welcoming you to our school.

Mrs. N Williams Headmistress