Small class sizes, excellent teaching and high expectations are the cornerstones of the Foremarke curriculum delivery.

At Foremarke we believe that we are preparing pupils not only to pass examinations but also for an enriched and productive adult life. As an academically selective school, our curriculum is rigorous but this co-exists with sensitivity to the individual needs of our pupils, who are challenged but not overwhelmed.

We believe that Foremarke offers an exceptionally wide range of subjects, sports and activities and we are proud of the balanced working week that our children are exposed to.

Whilst academic excellence is of paramount importance, at Foremarke our small class sizes allow us to cater effectively for a range of abilities in most year groups. All children, regardless of ability are expected to be working at levels that will serve them well when applying for senior schools either in UK independent education or internationally. These high academic expectations are the norm at Foremarke, where children will experience challenge and pace in lessons that are planned to embrace the best of traditional and contemporary teaching methods. This enables us to focus on individual children’s strengths and weaknesses and is something that works very well at Foremarke.

Curriculum Delivery




excellent teaching


high expectations

Our curriculum, which follows the New National Curriculum for England enhanced with elements of the ISEB curriculum, is also designed to meet the rigorous standards of achievement expected for 11 plus and Scholarship exams.