The majority of children that enter the Lower School already have a love of learning. However, many have reached a stage in life where learning through play and self-discovery is no longer enough and they are ready to take the next steps in their educational journey.

Nurturing this inquisitiveness is essential to ensure a child continues confidently in their educational development. In the Lower School we ensure this happens through a carefully planned and implemented transition process all undertaken in conjunction with the Foundation School.

We understand the importance of creating an environment in which children will continue confidently to build their individual character and self-esteem. Although putting great emphasis on the core subjects of English and Mathematics, in our experience teaching a broad and exciting curriculum ensures that the children will not only learn facts and figures but also begin to answer independently and ask more challenging questions. With a positive attitude and frame of mind, thinking outside of the children’s natural comfort zone becomes second nature. This enables a positive learning environment to pervade throughout the school.

Within the Lower School our rounded curriculum includes the provision of extra opportunities for sports, music and art beyond what is offered in the school timetable. Our activities programme aims to give children the opportunity to further develop their abilities, or even try new areas of interest. Starting in the Lower School, our specialist sports teachers begin to provide teaching for more competitive sports squads readying the children for competition.