Technology & Innovation

Much is made of the needs of the 21st century learner and it is incumbent on every good school to prepare its pupils well for the world in which they will work.

Whilst the term literacy is traditionally associated with learning to read and write, we recognise that the modern world allows us to communicate not only through text but also images, animations, audio and video tools to name a few. Through discrete Computing lessons and by embedding digital literacy across the curriculum, children are taught to use new technologies; to think critically about digital content; to collaborate with their teachers and peers; and to present their learning across platforms. We believe children need to be comfortable using digital tools not only to find relevant information but also to ask pertinent questions and be confident in creating their own content safely and responsibly.

We are mindful that technology changes quickly and we cannot predict the changes that will occur over the lifetimes of our pupils. Therefore, we work to foster the growth mindset and confidence to continue learning and thriving in a changing world. Each year the school selects pupils to act as Digital Leaders to explore new technologies and provide support across the school. They have forged partnerships with other schools in the Gulf and regularly discuss innovative ways to integrate technology into the curriculum and extra-curricular life at school. Foremarke is equipped throughout with Apple computers and iPads.

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