Sport plays a key role in every pupil’s development at Foremarke School. The aim of the Physical Education (P.E.) Department at Foremarke School is that every pupil has positive and enjoyable experiences in their Physical Education, Swimming and Games lessons.

At Foremarke we provide competitive sporting opportunities for all our pupils from Year 3. In conjunction with our sports provision, our most able athletes are nurtured and given the opportunities and guidance to flourish in their chosen sports.

The department has high expectations that Foremarke pupils will be gracious in victory and honourable in defeat, and at all time be excellent guests or hosts. Courtesy, good manners and a high level of sportsmanship are demanded at all times from Foremarke pupils.

Lessons are structured in the following way:

Physical Education



Physical Education

Our aim is to provide pupils from Nursery to Year 6 with a broad, balanced and enriching P.E. curriculum. This curriculum focuses on a number of diverse activities and sports including gymnastic, dance, striking and fielding and invasion games that are designed to promote physical development and progress. All pupils are expected to approach P.E. with a positive attitude and work hard in their lessons. Lessons are differentiated by task and outcome, ensuring that each pupil reaches their true potential.



As a school with traditional values, team games and the ethos behind them are fundamental to our curriculum. The major games taught are Football, Rugby (full contact Rugby is taught from Year 4) and Cricket for boys and Netball, Football and Rounders for girls. These are supported by a comprehensive fixture list. In addition to this, all pupils are given the opportunity to represent their House in a wide range of Inter-House sporting events.


In curriculum lessons, pupils are initially taught to be safe in the water and to develop a love of swimming. Pupils work in small ability groups and practise and develop the four main strokes. The lessons are designed to be fun and enjoyable, and at the same time differentiated to meet the needs of each individual swimmer to ensure that each child is being challenged.

Competitive swimming is highly regarded at Foremarke with annual Inter-House galas taking place from Year 3. The most able swimmers have the opportunity to represent the school as part of our Swim Squads.