Mr. Michael Blakey


Mr. Blakey has over 17 years of teaching and leadership experience throughout the UK and International sector. He has worked with local authorities in the UK to lead improvement in a number of areas such as Literacy, Numeracy, PE and Computing. Prior to coming to the UAE in 2017, he was Deputy Head – Academic at The Cavendish Preparatory School in North London, which was graded “Excellent in all areas” during his time there. He is a trained UK ISI inspector and has contributed significantly to many whole school developments.

He will be joining us from Abu Dhabi where he has been working as a Head of Primary/Vice Principal within the Aldar Academies.

Mr. Blakey believes that each pupil should have a stimulating atmosphere in which to grow and mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. As a leader, it is his desire to help pupils meet their full potential in these areas by providing personalised learning, collaboration and a celebration of achievement.