Foremarke has traditional dining and traditional school meals. Children sit at small tables with their teachers and friends and are taught and expected to display good table manners, talking quietly to their friends and enjoying the eating experience.

Children today are fussy eaters. Parents struggle to make their children eat a good balance of the right foods. In school, by providing tasty, high quality school meals and being very positive and encouraging about food, we are able to introduce children to foods that they would not normally try; they see their friends eating it and follow suit. The key is in the quality of food – source and preparation and the presentation of the food. The rest comes from positive attitudes and teacher/peer encouragement.

Parents are able to choose between having the school provide healthy lunches and snacks to their child or to send a nutritious packed lunch and snack with them.

If parents choose to send a packed lunch, the lunches should be healthy and nutritious. Foremarke School is a nut and pork free zone. The school nurse will be happy to offer support and guidance in this matter.

Hot lunches together with a snack for mid morning are provided each day and the cost per day is AED 33.