We believe that a school uniform which is distinctive, smart and of good quality is a positive feature in any school seeking to engender equality and a sense of belonging. In our experience it helps create a disciplined learning environment. The Foremarke uniform is compulsory and we expect all of our pupils to wear it with pride. The uniform needs to be worn correctly at all times. This is equally important on the journey to and from school and when such journeys involve trips to the Mall etc.

Unlike most schools in Dubai, Foremarke is a blazer school. Pupils in Middle and Upper School (Years 3-6) are expected to wear the school blazer proudly on occasions when it is deemed appropriate to do so. As pupils move up through the school there are various additions and changes to the uniform. The rationale for this is both age driven and simply because we believe that pupils appreciate variety and the feeling of earning the privilege as they move into a different sector of the school.

All school uniform (apart from shoes) is available from the shop located in Foremarke School.


Uniform Shop Timings:

Open from 8:00 am – 3:30 pm, Sunday to Thursday during term time.

Foremarke Uniform Code