Outdoor Education & Extracurricular

Foremarke offers a range of outdoor education experiences and residential trips each year. These are specifically designed to challenge pupils, to build on their strengths, and develop their full potential.

Placing pupils in a different context to one they normally find themselves in is a powerful learning tool. The learning that comes from outdoor education is not just acquisition of new knowledge, skills and information but a deeper level of personal understanding that becomes embodied within individuals.

Foremarke Outdoor Education provides a range of experiences that enable pupils from Year 2 onward to develop the qualities and attributes that will assist them in a changing world. The outdoors is a unique extension of the classroom experience and forms an integral part in supporting an ethos of holistic education.

In addition to the learning which takes place in the classroom, our wide range of groups, clubs and activities enhance the opportunities offered to our pupils.

After school activities take place during the school day, after school and at weekends. Such experiences offer pupils the chance to extend and enrich their interests as well as providing opportunities to become more resilient, reflective and independent. The lessons learnt and experiences gained through collaboration on after school projects, hours of dance rehearsals or dedicated sports practice are invaluable.

Many of these opportunities are offered by Foremarke staff with others provided by high quality external providers. The programme of activities is progressive and continuously expanding, increasing in depth as pupils progress from Nursery (FS1) to Year 6.

Examples of activities on offer are:
Athletics, football, rugby, cricket , tennis, hockey, netball, gymnastics, ballet, street dance, cheer leading, art & craft, karate, judo, fencing, chess, yoga, computer coding and programming, Eco club, photography, drama, choir, orchestra, French, Mandarin, Russian and debating.

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