Pastoral Care

The pastoral care system at Foremarke is based on the premise that all children have a right to wrap-around care that supports their moral, social, intellectual and physical well-being and development.

The class teacher is central to the pastoral care system and is the main advocate for each of their pupils. Our Assistant Head, Pastoral, supports and guides teachers in all aspects of pastoral care. The atmosphere we seek to nurture within our community is one of mutual respect between adults and children. New children are quickly welcomed into the Foremarke family. Frequent assemblies, together with positions of responsibility for some of our older children, encourage an environment where Foremarkians look after each other.

Our strong House system (Merriman, Jackson, Davies, Brewster, Theobald and Thomas) not only provides pupils with the opportunity to compete in various academic and sporting competitions, but also fosters a sense of belonging, unity and support. Allegiance and loyalty to your House runs deep at Foremarke.

The well-equipped medical rooms, staffed by fully qualified nurses, attend to the physical welfare of our pupils and our staff are fully conversant with Child Protection policies.

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