WhichSchoolAdvisor Article: Selecting a School? 4 Questions to Reveal All

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Four questions that cut to the chase and identify whether a schools really is, or will be, delivering the results for your children. By Christopher Morgan, Assistant Head, Foremarke School Dubai.

There are two words that are more important than all others when selecting a school; Attainment and Progress. That is to say, to what level do children achieve and how quickly do they get there? Keep these two words in your head when selecting a school because they will give you the evidence you need when choosing a school.

It is easier to find benchmarks of attainment for secondary and senior schools. Certainly GCSE, IB, and A-level results are available on most school websites. However, there are no publicly available benchmark tests for primary or middle schools, and many schools are reticent in providing them. Yet we all have to take benchmark tests.

So how can you accurately find a potential school’s progress and attainment? Well, I am going to give you four clear questions to ask potential schools that will help you decide on whether schools really are progressing the children and the level of attainment of its children.

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